What People are Saying about 

Parting Tails

“I read the book and loved it. I believe it will be helpful and healing to someone who has just lost or is in the process of losing a pet. The book described how I felt after losing my fur baby. It’s a great way to help others get through their difficult loss!”

– Darla Zimmerman

"My Parting Tails gift box was a sight for sore eyes, literally. Nothing could take away the pain I felt from losing my best friend, my dog Lyla, but this gift box was quite helpful, I have to admit. It allowed me to continue to focus on my grief,  but in what turned out to be a very positive way for me. I think there’s something in that box for everyone, and I highly recommend it to anyone experiencing the profound pain of losing a pet. Generic Messages and condolences don’t really help — this does. Most importantly,  I think Lyla would be happy about it. "
– Adam Gurnee

"I bought a gift box for my daughter in preparation for having to put our cat to sleep. I just wanted to convey what a great idea you have."
- Bruno

"Thank you for the  Parting Tails gift box. We lost a family member. We had14 years with our beloved dog. We are shifting our focus away from the loss and to gratitude for the experience."

- Tom Smith

"Some people might just say that they are 'just' pets or dogs...  clearly, you know better.  The dogs will always be our kids! You get it. Thank you for the gift box!!"
- Gary

"I just gifted this to my boss after the loss of his cat and he cried and hugged me. It brought us closer which warms my heart, and it will help him and his family through their mourning. He was so grateful for your gift box."

- Theresa Charleston

"I just gave a dear friend a gift box for the loss of her dog. It contains a booklet to guide the person in processing the loss through journaling, seeds to plant in honor of the pet, and other items. I wanted to share this in case you know someone who needs support and comfort after the loss of a pet. Thank you, Andrea, for this creation. It's lovely."

-Maria Spears

“I recently had two friends lose their beloved pets.  I was so grateful that I was able to give them the “Parting Tails” boxes in their time of grief.  It was such a beautiful and unique way for them to process their loss.  Both were very touched.”

 – K. Kesserich

“Parting Tails is amazing! It’s a beautiful bridge to say your pet mattered. Please keep doing it!”

– Kristin Buller, Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing therapy to individuals and couples & veterinary social work services to pet owners and professionals.